Words By Alicia

Uncovering Writer's Block for Entrepreneurial Bloggers | taught by Alicia Lee Long
Alicia Lee Long
Alicia Lee Long
Copywriter & Coach

* I believe in women and our right to be unique individuals.

* I believe in our right to self-learn, self-improve, self-direct and self-create our journeys.

* I believe in our right to love, to be loved, and to truly own our relationships.

* I wholeheartedly believe that we have been given the innate tools to untangle the chaos of life.

* I believe in our ability to make our own way in this world.

I have had plenty of opportunities to reassess my life situations and to make sense of myself and who I am. I’ve had an endless array of self-discoveries and self-understandings. There have been many times, in many facets of my life, where I have had to also question what I knew, what I had been taught, societal expectations and the general status quo.

But each and every time, I have come through the mire knowing this:

I am important – no matter my journey in life

I am well travelled – to hell and back

I am not afraid – to love deeply, to work hard and to commit with grit

I am allowed – to fall in love with myself

I am proud – to have gained self-fulfillment, reconciliation, happiness and LOVE

I love supporting and guiding women who are Suddenly Stuck to move past the block in their way of fulfillment in Career and Relationship and to continue to live their Favourite Life!